Monday, August 16th, 2010

Three years in the making… many told us it was a pipe dream, that we wouldn’t be able to find the numbers to grow a quality flock and that British wool and manufacturing was dead.

Well, we’ve never been much for convention, nor has the easy way ever appeared attractive. Kind of like when we decided to get into the business of designing top outdoor clothing against companies who have been involved in it for over 60 years. 7 years later, the workshop is here and with it a flock of Bowmont sheep.

We’ve been growing the heard for over 3 years, working closely with Lesley to make it happen and without her - this would be impossible. In the end: we make some of the finest product in the world, work with some of the most inspiring people in the world and have a real flock of sheep, we help grow, sheer, feed and pet from time to time.

In a way - the closer we get to growing our flock of sheep, the closer we get to yielding enough wool to put into manufacturing and therefore, the closer we get to our commitment to British wool, manufacturing and ethics. A tall feat, but we’ve got the strength of 50+ sheep to push along the way!!

The more product we sell, the wider our way of doing things gets and we’d like to think, it’s one of the best ways out there. So TELL MORE PEOPLE, let’s grow the flock, build better product and get more sheep out there surfing - super stoked, we love you Mildred: