Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

We met Martin Harley for the first time at Eden, sat under some make shift palm tree covered hut, inside one of their grand Biomes. We had a view of the native plants and paradise below and Martin in his cool and calm signature way, brought up some beers and talked us through his music, the books he reads and his current adventure - The Blues Gone Green Tour.

Now anything blues/sound of a harp and the workshop kicks off, so when we heard that a talented blues player, was going to get on a bike, which happens to have a beautiful Brooks Saddle (and we love bikes) and we happen to be in the fine art of weatherproof clothing, it seemed like a no-brainer.

So we asked the three questions we often do, before we get behind anyone:

1) Do we dig? In this case his music.

2) Is what their doing in line with us and original?

3) Will their adventure produce content?

So we began with his music, the guy is incredible on the slide guitar (and he can waile on the harmonica), lyrics are brilliant, the band has a rad look and has overall hints of AA Bondy/Ben Harper and some classic country. So the answer to the first question, a hands down yes.

On to, is what he’s doing, in line with us/original? Prior to this little tour, he’s been on the road and all over the world, to list a few: in 2005, in the Himalayas, he broke the record for the world’s highest ever gig above Mount Everest base camp, at a staggering 5,545m above sea level. In 2007, in search of the roots of blues music, he motorcycled across Mali in Africa, meeting traditional musicians to improvise music with. This admirably restless spirit has led him to navigate Australia, India and Nepal, not even going to answer that question.

Last but not least, will the adventure generate content? Well he’ll be getting on a bike made specifically for the tour, has got a blog, can write, it involves blues music and bikes… again, no contest.


If a person’s going to be on a bike for a prolonged period of time and battling weather, our merino products and Anabatic lightweight waterproof are built almost specifically for this type of job and with the most recent review of our Anabatic on Tree Hugger, we’re pretty confident that he’ll damn near be, the coziest cyclist with instruments, a harmonica and tent on the planet.

So he’ll be off very soon (a day to be exact), he’ll be keeping us up-to-date with the gigs and whereabouts and as soon as he gets closer, we’re going to join him, on bikes, consider it a mini-peloton to see the man home and a finish at Eden. We’ll be there at Eden, I’d imagine the libations will flow and music will kick off, so keep coming back to this spot, or for immediate up-dates sign up to our newsletter and you’ll get the news direct to your email, or you can get involved onFACEBOOK and TWITTER.

A bit more on the Trip:

Starting in Newcastle, Martin will be cycling down the country on a Surly “Big Dummy” Cargo Bike, to his final destination, the Eden Project in Cornwall. Along the way he will be playing venues of all shapes and sizes, from concert halls to village halls, as well as playing the Isle of Wight’s phenomenal Bestival and TV’s River Cottage Canteen.