Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The Eddie has only run seven times in the past 24 years.

It is the world’s longest running and most prestigious big-wave invitational.

It will take place on one day when waves exceed the 20-foot minimum threshold.

All forecasts point towards one of the largest swells to hit Hawaii in decades and Carlos is there, waiting for the green light.

The single lane highway that runs the stretch of the North Shore was bumper-to-bumper by sunrise yesterday. Many made the pilgrimage on foot and bicycle late the night before, sleeping under the stars to catch the action early.

“The biggest Waimea in years, hands down,” said North Shore charger Dave Wassel this evening after what he called “a remarkable day” of surfing. After a day that saw Sunny Garcia get caught inside by not one, but two, 25-foot closeout sets, the sun has set on one of the most memorable days of big wave surfing ever.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Waimea all day. In the morning it was huge: twenty to twenty five foot Hawaiian style.

And then it got bigger. And bigger. And just before sundown, even bigger. By the end of the day, a rescue ski had to be launched from the beach and through the treacherous shorebreak to assist a guy who was being swept toward the rocks on the Haleiwa side of the bay.

Miraculously nobody has perished thus far, although Tom Carroll’s ankle was ripped apart after a mountain of whitewash collapsed onto him. Carroll will now be replaced with one of the alternates.

The event is most likely to happen for the first time in five years. They’re saying this could be the events largest conditions and a guy who has helped shaped Finisterre, is there with board in hand and Finisterre sticker in view.

Carlos has had a string of successes over the last three years, both on and off the water and we’re behind him every little step of the way. He’s won practically every big wave event there’s to win, why not one more for Burle!!

Latest video on the event and warm-up - click here