Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The longest marked footpath in the world, over 2000 miles, traverses through 14 states along the East Coast of the US and it takes six months to complete. We’ve been going back and forth with Stuart Skinner, he’s a naturalist, he loves Finisterre gear and we’re going to help him along the way, as well as help raise a bit of awareness on mental health issues.

So Stuart will be off very soon, we’re going to hear from him from time to time and let all of you know how he gets on over the next six months. We never thought for a second, that our merino beanies and new base layers would be on a 5 million foot step journey - stoked to be involved Stuart!

For more on Stuart and the Trail

This leads onto to Charlie Chambers and Finisterre in the most unlikely of places. Charlie is a product tester, he gets up to video and still images, climbs the occasional mountain in his favored Sastruga and when he has the time - wears cowboy hats and Etobicokes in front of 18 wheelers - super rad Charlie.?

and then there’s a new product tester in the tester family - Mr Noble. He’s well respected, fronts the Scottish Surfing Federation and he’s sporting Finisterre logos on board and suit. He spent last week competing in the Scottish Open, managed a second in the open event, forth in the seniors and began his correspondence with a ‘wee update…’

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Top job Chris, there’ll be a box of goodies waiting, upon your return from offshore.