Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Where in the world has this guy been over the last three months?

In the past, our relationship consisted of weekly phone conversations, monthly surfs around the southwest and the occasional blow-out in the big smoke. But, as of late, he’s been touring the west coast of North America, from San Diego to Vancouver.

He’s practically met every guy who formed the surf culture out there. He’s managed to get inroads to some of the most localised spots throughout California and also heard that he put the camera down for once and managed to get in the sea.

Many see surf photographers as surf photographers, they capture amazing moments in the sea, but never really find the time to get in it.

Well…big Al - amongst the many photo moments over last three months - also scored a filthy beach break - “one of the sickest beachbreaks I’ve ever surfed”, he said.

Cheers for the shot you little barrel hunter!

Love you homie.