Thursday, June 17th, 2010

He’d gone M.I.A., word was that he’d managed some time across the Mexican border, was sleeping in the back of a Toyota Landcrusier in San Diego and some even mentioned that they saw him swimming/shooting at Puerto, one of the scariest beach breaks on the planet.

Well I’m pleased to say, after an hour and a bit long conversation over the dog and bone, that the man is alive, on good form and word on the street, is that his exploits have once again managed some coverage amongst the elite of surf world.

So good to hear from you Mr. Mackinnon, we’ve missed you, but not as much as your images…

Words and photos By Mack-Attack:
Puerto Escondido; The Mexican Pipeline with Greg and Rusty Long, Healey, Twiggy Baker. The heaviest beach break on earth metinks, the currents, shifting peaks, closeouts and shear power of the place put it up there with Ailleens as the gnarliest place I’ve ever done water shots.

Puerto from the shoulder, through Mack’s viewfinder

Here’s a little taster of what’s to come, there’ll be a full article shortly replete with the joys of Puerto life (heaving kegs, fresh coconut water, salsa dancing, the best fruit you’ve ever eaten and damn fine fish tacos) and the lows (the death of our friend, talented surfer and videographer and Puerto 16 year veteran Noel Robinson, two lenses breaking, murder and funky weather patterns).

Twiggy Baker pulling into a right at the main peak. This image is in this months issue of The Surfer’s Path issue is No. 78 (June/July 2010)