Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

We love Autumn here and with it, comes Halloween. This year, we put on the Aggityville Haunted Forest. The plan: to spread a little Halloween love, scare anyone who decided to walk the haunted path and raise a little money for the South West’s Precious Lives Appeal, to build a hospice in Cornwall.

In the end the turnout/support was humbling, we were fully booked, over 100 people showed up to enjoy a few scares, families, children, parents and mates and we can’t thank them enough.

A quick thank you to all who helped out. Skinner’s Brewery, we couldn’t have done it without you. The TapHouse and Driftwood, cheers for organizing and keeping the Ale flowing and to all those who agreed to hang out in the cold and scare the 100+ who showed up.

- Jady, Jody and Sophia - can’t thank you guys enough, sorry about the dog droppings, it was just to dark to see it.

- Toby and Kim - The mask went down a treat and Kimmy… the screams were priceless.

- Nat aka - pumpkin head, you didn’t have to wear the pumpkin the whole time, in any event, sorry about the sprained neck.

- Mel - way to start the groups off and get the casper/moaning down.

- Tommy Kay - money with the chain-saw mate, you took them down.