Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

on some very smooth running bearings.

Words by the much loved - James Bowthorpe and images, but the very gifted Jonny Donovan

I felt pretty euphoric, very endorphined up (natural only, getting high on my own supply). Was AMAZING to have so many people there when I finished and throughout- great to have a spin with you guys early on, really set the pace!

I’m on the train right now heading out to Winchester, the start of the South Downs Double. It’s not an official race or anything but me and John McFaul are hoping to join the few that have ridden the 200 mile off-road route in under 24 hours… We are aiming to be the fastest pair to have ridden the route. I’ll be tweeting if I’ve got any energy @james_bowthorpe … The whole thing will be bookended with big English breakfasts in Winchester… This is a very English route, I’m half expecting to bump into Chaucer along the way.

More info on the ride can be found at HERE

He did it, so many people turned up at Look Mum No Hands, was epic - such a big smile!

330am, quick 10min break, tired, thirsty and still making our Brisa look beautiful - beautiful James!

Something worth stopping for? James in the window display, head down, end is near.